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#1 Urban ancient fairy doctor都市古仙医
4429 Chapters
706798 monthly view
240 Readers
Completed · 706798 monthly view
4429 Chapters · 240 Readers
Ye Bufan, a junior student, was trying to raise money for his mother's medical expenses, but he encountered a female driver who didn't follow the rules. After being hit, he received the inheritance of...Show more
#2 The Big Boss & His Dainty Wife 东方裕和海小棠
1074 Chapters
328890 monthly view
35 Readers
Completed · 328890 monthly view
1074 Chapters · 35 Readers
"Come here, little one!" "No way!" What to do when the wife is angry? The big-shot CEO is filthy rich, showering her with extravagant displays of love every day! Today a luxury car, tomorrow a mansion...Show more
#3 Ancient God太古神尊
5115 Chapters
148826 monthly view
64 Readers
Ongoing · 148826 monthly view
5115 Chapters · 64 Readers
[Hot-blooded fantasy + domineering iron-blood + decisive killing + exciting rhythm + devouring breakthrough + talent awakening + physical evolution + swordsmanship] In the world of martial arts practi...Show more
#4 National Transfer: Necromancer! I Am A Disaster全民转职:死灵法师!我即是天灾(1-2082)
2369 Chapters
145742 monthly view
173 Readers
Ongoing · 145742 monthly view
2369 Chapters · 173 Readers
The game has come to reality, the rules of the world have been subverted, and mankind has entered the era of national career change. Monsters are rampant! There are countless secret realms, dungeons, ...Show more
#5 The Secret of the Chaotic Heavenly Emperor混沌天帝诀
6027 Chapters
105893 monthly view
75 Readers
Ongoing · 105893 monthly view
6027 Chapters · 75 Readers
The claws of the ancient alien beasts crush the stars in the sky, the evil tribes outside the territory make roars that confuse all living beings, the demons in the dark abyss open their evil blood pu...Show more
#6 Start to live forever, live till the end of time开局长生万古,苟到天荒地老
1301 Chapters
104436 monthly view
137 Readers
Ongoing · 104436 monthly view
1301 Chapters · 137 Readers
[Not a cool novel + ordinary daily life + relaxed and humorous + no heroine + no knife + King Gou] Be cautious when entering this pit. An immortality novel that spans several great eras of immortality...Show more
#7 Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go开局签到荒古圣体
3285 Chapters
101377 monthly view
298 Readers
Ongoing · 101377 monthly view
3285 Chapters · 298 Readers
Jun Xiaoyao was transported to a mystical world and became the divine child of a Clan of the Ancients. He came to possess an invincible background, unparalleled talents and even a check-in system, ena...Show more
#8 Starting as a Son-in-law to Establish an immortal Family从赘婿开始建立长生家族(1-391)
1003 Chapters
100515 monthly view
115 Readers
Ongoing · 100515 monthly view
1003 Chapters · 115 Readers
In the realm of immortal cultivation, Lu Changsheng traversed as a peasant youth, overlooked by a celestial sect. Yet, endowed with the Multitude Progeny System, he could earn rewards by propagating h...Show more
#9 Global power: Awakening of the Purple Sky Divine Thunder at the beginning全球异能:开局觉醒紫霄神雷
550 Chapters
99282 monthly view
105 Readers
Ongoing · 99282 monthly view
550 Chapters · 105 Readers
In the world of Blue Star, ferocious beasts are raging. Everyone can awaken their superpowers and have the opportunity to become a strong and powerful person! However, Xu Jingming who traveled throug...Show more
#10 I Fabricated the Techniques, but my disciple really mastered them? 瞎编功法,徒儿你真练成了?
483 Chapters
76430 monthly view
305 Readers
Ongoing · 76430 monthly view
483 Chapters · 305 Readers
Li Xuan found himself in a predicament after transmigrating without the luxury of a system or plug-ins. To evade notice, he took refuge in a small mountain village. However, one day, he was mistaken f...Show more
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