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#1 Son-in-law, God-Emperor赘婿神皇
4906 Chapters
40805 daily view
146 Readers
Ongoing · 40805 daily view
4906 Chapters · 146 Readers
The good-for-nothing eldest son of the Xiao family, Xiao Fan, was beaten to death by his younger brother and sent to marry the ugly people of the Long family in exchange for training resources. Howeve...Show more
#2 Urban ancient fairy doctor都市古仙医
4429 Chapters
21688 daily view
295 Readers
Completed · 21688 daily view
4429 Chapters · 295 Readers
Ye Bufan, a junior student, was trying to raise money for his mother's medical expenses, but he encountered a female driver who didn't follow the rules. After being hit, he received the inheritance of...Show more
#3 You have a good chance, I accept it.你的机缘很好,我笑纳了
2561 Chapters
19710 daily view
144 Readers
Ongoing · 19710 daily view
2561 Chapters · 144 Readers
Ye Lin, who traveled through the world of immortals, found that he could actually see other people's life panels and know other people's future opportunities. As a master of Gou Dao, he pretended to ...Show more
#4 Fantasy: I am invincible with a 10 billion times increase at the beginning玄幻:开局百亿倍增幅的我无敌了
1021 Chapters
15927 daily view
92 Readers
Ongoing · 15927 daily view
1021 Chapters · 92 Readers
Li Taihang began to study, what can be done with a 10 billion times increase? [Ding! Get various money, get a 10 billion times increase, you get money*10 billion. ] [Ding! Get various skills, get a 10...Show more
#5 Fantasy: The Strongest Sect in the Universe玄幻:诸天最强宗门
1770 Chapters
13853 daily view
71 Readers
Ongoing · 13853 daily view
1770 Chapters · 71 Readers
In the True Immortal Continent, warriors are respected. Qin Ye accidentally traveled to another world and became the head of a small sect that was about to decline. He obtained the strongest system a...Show more
#6 Creation and immortality: I can manifest endless talents造化长生:我能具现无尽天赋
286 Chapters
13153 daily view
50 Readers
Ongoing · 13153 daily view
286 Chapters · 50 Readers
In the Tianhuang Realm, all races compete. Human warriors stand in the air, and dragons roar in the deep sea. The gods in the center of the hurricane open their eyes, and the beast king in the mountai...Show more
#7 Douluo Fire Phoenix斗罗之火凤凰
178 Chapters
12209 daily view
46 Readers
Ongoing · 12209 daily view
178 Chapters · 46 Readers
[The Way of the Going Away] [The Way of the Growing Up] [The Protagonist Lao Liu] Fire Phoenix Spirit, the strongest beast spirit. There are various spirits in Douluo Continent. The Clear Sky Hammer i...Show more
#8 Starting to practice magic from Uchiha从宇智波开始修炼魔功
232 Chapters
10871 daily view
31 Readers
Ongoing · 10871 daily view
232 Chapters · 31 Readers
As a non-Uchiha with only 1/4 bloodline, Uchiha Feiyu said that he didn't really want to be a demon, but who made the Uchiha clan force him to become a ninja? It would be fine if I became an older nin...Show more
#9 If I let you simulate life, can you change your fate every time?让你模拟人生,你次次逆天改命?
231 Chapters
9855 daily view
54 Readers
Ongoing · 9855 daily view
231 Chapters · 54 Readers
This is a doomsday world where everyone is simulating and weirdness is rampant. Only by changing your fate in the Sims can you avoid being eroded by the black fog. Lu Yuan traveled through time and ac...Show more
#10 The Bard at Hogwarts霍格沃茨的吟游诗人
206 Chapters
9730 daily view
47 Readers
Ongoing · 9730 daily view
206 Chapters · 47 Readers
Many of the stories of the bards are not just hearsay, but also their personal experiences. Ino thought that he would spend his future in one fantasy story after another, until one day, he received a ...Show more
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