Almighty Sword Domain


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2811 Chapters · 15 Readers
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Author:Qing Luan Feng Shang

Novel Summary

Yang Ye’s entire family relied on him to keep them safe, but just when everything seemed to be going well, misfortune struck in droves! How will he overcome the odds and rise up to protect his loved ones? This novel tells the tale of Yang Ye, a ruthless yet loving young man who’s driven by his desire to protect his loved ones. It’s set in a world where most only value strength and gain above all else, yet Yang Ye who’s shaped by his experiences during his youth proves to be unlike everyone else.


TitleAlmighty Sword Domain
Raw Title无敌剑域
Addition DateSeptember 27, 2022
AuthorQing Luan Feng Shang
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TagsAdapted to Manhua,Alchemy,Antihero Protagonist,Army Building,Arrogant Characters,Beast Companions,Bloodlines,Body Tempering,Caring Protagonist,Cosmic Wars,Cultivation,Death of Loved Ones,Demons,Dragons,Fast Cultivation,Fast Learner,Fearless Protagonist,Genius Protagonist,Godly Powers,Heavenly Tribulation,Honest Protagonist,Hot-blooded Protagonist,Inheritance,Lucky Protagonist,Magic Formations,Magical Space,Male Protagonist,Monster Tamer,Multiple Realms,Mysterious Family Background,Polygamy,Popular Love Interests,Pregnancy,Rape,Rape Victim Becomes Lover,Revenge,Reverse Rape,Romantic Subplot,Ruthless Protagonist,Schemes And Conspiracies,Sealed Power,Strong Love Interests,Stubborn Protagonist,Sword Wielder,Weak to Strong,World Travel