Douluo Dalu 5 Rebirth of Tang San斗罗大陆5重生唐三

1221 Chapters
33 Readers
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1221 Chapters · 33 Readers
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Author:Tang Jia San Shao

Novel Summary

A generation of god king was reborn in the magical world of Falan. He was surprised to find that everything here is so wonderful, and he was lucky to find his wife’s reincarnation. However, she has no memory of her previous life, and she is a passerby when she meets again. Can a generation of god king be reborn in this world that is not friendly to mankind, can he recover his wife again? What kind of path to rebirth will the all kinds of strange monsters and gods bring to him? All in the journey of a generation of gods to chase his wife, the fifth part of Douluo Continent, rebirth Tang San!


TitleDouluo Dalu 5 Rebirth of Tang San
Raw Title斗罗大陆5重生唐三
Addition DateFebruary 28, 2022
AuthorTang Jia San Shao
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Monthly Rank#133
All Time Rank#21
TagsAdapted to Anime,Adapted to Drama,Adapted to Manhua,Appearance Changes,Arranged Marriage,Battle Academy,Beast Companions,Beasts,Beautiful Female Lead,Blacksmith,Brotherhood,Calm Protagonist,Childhood Friends,Clever Protagonist,Cultivation,Determined Protagonist,Devoted Love Interests,Evil Gods,Fast Cultivation,Fox Spirits,Friendship,Handsome Male Lead,Human-Nonhuman Relationship,Male Protagonist,Martial Spirits,Multiple Realms,Naive Protagonist,Poisons,Politics,Previous Life Talent,Reincarnation,Sect Development,Slow Romance,Souls,Strong Love Interests,Strong to Stronger,Teamwork,Time Skip,World Travel