Huoye, Madam Went To the Sky Bridge Again To Set Up a Stall


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1279 Chapters · 14 Readers
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In the previous life, Qin Ruan was trapped in family fighting and was framed to death. When she returned from rebirth, she held her pregnancy list and leaned on her waist to the door of the famous Huo family in the capital. Huo Sanye, the grandson of the Huo family, is rumored to be decisive, glamorous and noble, moody, and unreasonable. The third master is going to marry a wife, and the other party is the illegitimate daughter found by the Qin family. As soon as this news came out, the whole capital was exploded! No one believes that an illegitimate daughter sits securely as the mother of Huo’s family, and everyone is waiting for their divorce. With the rebirth ability technique, Qin Ruan set up a stall under the overpass, disturbing the major forces in the capital to reshuffle the cards. The fourth generation golden grandson of the Huo family crawled out of Qin Ruan’s belly. Her true identity was gradually revealed, and no one underestimated her for a while. Year after year passed, Qin Ruan and Huo Sanye not only did not divorce, they also spread dog food on a daily basis. Everyone started throwing bowls, and they were overwhelmed by this bowl of dog food! —— small theater: Qin Ruan: “Brother, you hit a peach blossom. I’m afraid there will be a bloody disaster recently.” The famous actor sneered and turned away. That night, the actor was in embarrassment and begged Qin Ruan: “Miss Qin, save me!” Qin Ruan: “The boss, I think you are in a dark mood, I’m afraid you will die soon.” The business giant was so angry that she almost overturned her stall. But for two days, the gangster knelt in front of Qin Ruan, begging the master for help! From then on, upstarts in the industry to famous families and famous families have regarded Qin Ruan as a guest. —— The book is also called “The whole world is looking forward to our divorce”, “Huo Sanye is jealous again today”


  • Huoye, Madam Went To the Sky Bridge Again To Set Up a Stall
  • 霍爷,夫人又去天桥摆摊了
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