Age of Terror: I Have a Monster Editor


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1405 Chapters · 31 Readers
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Author:Jiang Shan Du Liang Ren

Novel Summary

Demons and monsters are revived, and mankind has entered the age of terror for eighty years. In this terrifying world full of demons and monsters, humans can only live in base cities surrounded by high walls. In order to resist the demons, every time he is born, he must choose a [companion demons] that fits the soul, and he will be awakened at the age of eighteen to cultivate the demons and defeat the demons. Ye Fan accidentally crossed, awakening the monster editor, editing the monster material, synthesizing top-level monsters, and editing top-level monsters. 【Demon Soul】+【Blood-stained Long Knife】+【Demon Fur】=【Yin Soldier Black Enemy】【Broken Round Mirror】+【Cursed Eye】.


TitleAge of Terror: I Have a Monster Editor
Raw Title恐怖时代:我有一个妖魔编辑器(全本)
Addition DateOctober 5, 2022
AuthorJiang Shan Du Liang Ren
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TagsDemons,Fantasy Creatures,Male Protagonist,Monster Tamer,System,Transmigration