I Am the Light of Science and Technology我是科技之光[快穿]

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215 Chapters · 3 Readers
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Author:Shi Wei Tu

Novel Summary

Everyone thought that the most powerful scientist they had ever seen was a national treasure-level scientist until they saw Baizhi- The light of technology, a cosmic scientist. [Congratulations to the host Bai Zhi for completing the task perfectly and winning the titles of “New King”, “Big Devil”, “Task Killer”, “Nightmare on Earth”, “Super Species” and so on!] After her death, scientific researcher Bai Zhi, in order to explore higher-dimensional technology, bound the most rubbish Wish system from the system world, and traveled through different worlds to fulfill the wish of the original owner. Three thousand worlds are different. In each world, she is keen on scientific research. This is a story of a scientific researcher who concentrates on scientific research, explores high-dimensional science in various worlds, and refuses to admit defeat and fate. The text is easy to comprehend, flows smoothly, humorously, and the plot is full of ups and downs, and it is full of positive energy.


TitleI Am the Light of Science and Technology
Raw Title我是科技之光[快穿]
Addition DateOctober 7, 2022
AuthorShi Wei Tu
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TagsFemale Protagonist,System,Transmigration,World Hopping