Extract Skills and Explore Dungeons (Random Skills: Exploring Dungeons)


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946 Chapters · 20 Readers
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Author:He Ke Le Bu

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This novel is also known as Random Skills: Exploring Dungeons Legend has it that this world has magical qualities Attract fragments of the broken world to strengthen yourself It could be a building, an area, or a piece of history These cages called earth in this world are dungeons Wealth, power, power, everything can be found in endless dungeons to explore. Life, emotion, freedom, everything is the price to pay for exploring the dungeon. Kane looked at the Book of Adventure that was in front of him. Opened it and looked, this is not the game system. He knew he was about to take off.


TitleExtract Skills and Explore Dungeons (Random Skills: Exploring Dungeons)
Raw Title抽取技能,探索地牢
Addition DateOctober 8, 2022
AuthorHe Ke Le Bu
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TagsMale Protagonist