Choose to be a scumbag in Conan在柯南里选择当渣男(1-1020章)

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1164 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Author:Mo Wang Dou Yong Zhe

Novel Summary

Woke up and found that he had traveled to the world of Conan. Subsequently, he will face a choice that determines the direction of his life. [During this period, there are often satyrs in Mihua Town. One night when you just went out, you met Xiaolan and Yuanzi deliriously. They drank an unknown drink by mistake and asked you for help. What should you do? ] [1. Extend a helping hand to them, send them to the hospital in time, and help them find the pervert… Choose this, you will become an existence beyond Holmes. ] [2. Indifferently rejecting their request, ignoring their plight… Choose this, and you will become the worst crime in the world. ] [3. Take them home, and do something indescribable when the drug’s effects occur… Choose this, and you will become the strongest scum on the surface. ]


TitleChoose to be a scumbag in Conan
Raw Title在柯南里选择当渣男(1-1020章)
Addition DateOctober 11, 2022
AuthorMo Wang Dou Yong Zhe
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