The Mightiest Leveling System最强升级系统

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1128 Chapters · 3 Readers
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Author:Ku Shu Sheng

Novel Summary

Have you ever seen exposing holy vein? Have you ever seen revealing a Divine Ranked Martial Technique? Have you seen all the women in the world go crazy for a man alone? “Carrying the dragon slayer on his shoulder and holding the Zhuge sword in his hands, he asked,” “Fuck, who else is there?” The nerd Long Fei brought a type of Striking System and teleported here. Killing monsters and levelling up, killing people as well as levelling up, suppressing the Three Realms and destroying all those who were unconvinced!


TitleThe Mightiest Leveling System
Raw Title最强升级系统
Addition DateOctober 15, 2022
AuthorKu Shu Sheng
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