The Wizard who Came to Marvel World


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427 Chapters · 20 Readers
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Author:Wang Xiao Wu

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Cross again! Carrying the magic and knowledge learned from the world of Harry Potter, he came to this Marvel world that is countless times more dangerous than the world of Harry Potter. Once you only needed to deal with Voldemort, now you have to face a large group of enemies that are much scarier than Voldemort. Abel means Alexander. Fortunately, he can still use magic from the Harry Potter world, but before that, he has to make himself a qualified wand!


TitleThe Wizard who Came to Marvel World
Raw Title降临美漫的巫师
Addition DateOctober 17, 2022
AuthorWang Xiao Wu
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TagsAliens,Fanfiction,Heroes,Interdimensional Travel,Late Romance,Magic,Male Protagonist,Modern Day,Nationalism,R-18,Racism,Strong to Stronger,Villainess Noble Girls,Weak to Strong,Wizards,Marvel,Harry Potter