There is Room For the First Wife (First Assistant's Petite Wife Has Space)首辅娇妻有空间

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1070 Chapters · 23 Readers
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Author:Yu Xiao Tong

Novel Summary

This novel is also known as First Assistant's Petite Wife Has SpaceLu Jiao, a female military doctor in the 21st century, travels to a book and becomes the vicious lady of the four little villains, the wife of the future Shoufu, who died prematurely. The four little villains in the book will become big villains who do no evil and kill without blinking. They are finally wiped out by the male and female masters. In order to avenge the children, the first assistant turned into the biggest villain BOSS. He did evil until the end was killed. Lu Jiao looked at the four small Doudings beside her only to her knees, and then at Shoufu-sama who was paralyzed in bed. Forget it, she did good deeds to straighten the small Doudings, and by the way healed Shoufu-sama. Unexpectedly, the four Xiaodouding and the future Master Shoufu only wanted to kill her now, choking her neck in the middle of the night, piercing her aorta with broken porcelain pieces, and poisoning her food. Lu Jiao was angry: I’m quitting, you guys If you love blackening, blacken it. The four little beans hugged her and didn’t let go: “Mother, don’t leave, we will be obedient in the future.” Master Shoufu in the future put his arms around her, his eyes flushed: “Jiaojiao, my heart is for you, my life is for you, don’t go!” Later, the husband became the first assistant of the dynasty, one of her sons became the Dali Temple prince, one son became the general, one son became the genius doctor, and another son became the emperor of Da Zhou, and she became the queen mother!


TitleThere is Room For the First Wife (First Assistant's Petite Wife Has Space)
Raw Title首辅娇妻有空间
Addition DateOctober 17, 2022
AuthorYu Xiao Tong
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TagsArranged Marriage,Childcare,Divorce,Female Protagonist,Magical Space,Medical Knowledge,Multiple Reincarnated Individuals,Politics,Pregnancy,Transmigration