Sign in Starts From Farming in the Countryside


626 Chapters
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626 Chapters · 38 Readers
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Author:Ji Mo Ru Lan

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“Successfully signed in, and obtained the Nine Suns Magical Art.” In an instant, Lin Chen felt a powerful force all over his body. …… Reborn in a parallel world, Lin Chen carries a sign-in system, signs in every day, and gets different harvests. There are peerless magic arts, super technology, powerful weapons, and panacea. The most important thing is that Lin Chen often signs extinct ancient creatures. Dinosaurs, archaeopteryx, saber-toothed tiger…Lin Chen expressed a lot of pressure looking at the cute dinosaur cubs with big eyes in the yard. How should I put it, this is a story about farming and developing in a different world, and the world is invincible. “Hey, there are eight outstanding and beautiful sisters. Life is also a kind of pressure.” Lin Chen sighed while lying on the recliner, basking in the sun.


TitleSign in Starts From Farming in the Countryside
Raw Title签到从乡村种田开始
Addition DateOctober 20, 2022
AuthorJi Mo Ru Lan
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TagsAge Progression,Child Protagonist,Complex Family Relationships,Cultivation,Discrimination,Doting Older Siblings,Doting Parents,Economics,Farming,Genetic Modifications,Modern Day,Mutations,Naive Protagonist,Nationalism,Poor to Rich,Racism,Schemes And Conspiracies,Sibling's Care,System,Technological Gap