Lord of the People: Discount Artifact For Signing In at the Start全民领主:开局签到打折神器

1123 Chapters
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1123 Chapters · 75 Readers
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Author:Xia Mu Chi

Novel Summary

All the people came to the Chaos Continent, became the lord of one party, and participated in the struggle for hegemony among all ethnic groups. Tinder is the authority of the human lord. You can sign in on Tinder every day to get population, blueprints, food and other materials. Huang Yu signed in on the first day and got a discounted artifact. A batch of discounted products will be refreshed every day for Huang Yu to buy. then…… “This legendary weapon is only 10,000 magic crystals after the discount? I bought it!” “0.5% off dragon eggs? Give me 100!” “0.0…01% off the extraordinary arms training camp! There is such a good thing? Come to the bowl!” … Since then, Huang Yu and his territory have become famous in the Chaos Continent!


TitleLord of the People: Discount Artifact For Signing In at the Start
Raw Title全民领主:开局签到打折神器
Addition DateOctober 22, 2022
AuthorXia Mu Chi
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TagsMale Protagonist