Starting Assets Increased By 10,000 Times开局资产提升一万倍

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304 Chapters · 12 Readers
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Author:Wo You Dian Ping Che

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With a monthly salary of 3,000 yuan, Chen Yu, who can only tighten his belt and eat instant noodles, accidentally obtained the Shenhao system just after receiving his salary, and his assets increased by 10,000 times! Not only that, but the prices of the entire world have fallen ten thousand times. A Rolls-Royce for three thousand dollars, a building or even a large piece of land for a few thousand dollars, can you believe it? Discussion group: 734085118


TitleStarting Assets Increased By 10,000 Times
Raw Title开局资产提升一万倍
Addition DateOctober 23, 2022
AuthorWo You Dian Ping Che
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TagsAccelerated Growth,Arrogant Characters,Awkward Protagonist,Brother Complex,Business Management,Modern Day,Naive Protagonist,Nationalism,Parallel Worlds,Poor to Rich,Racism,Special Abilities,Sudden Wealth,System Administrator,Male Protagonist