Full-time Lottery System全职抽奖系统

850 Chapters
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850 Chapters · 7 Readers
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Author:Xiao Cheng Ju Min

Novel Summary

The full-time lottery system, as its name implies, can draw prizes; skills related to a profession. Those who get it will become the top elite of the whole profession. Since getting a full-time lottery system, Chen Ze, as a cook, has got the food God’s seasoning. As a teacher, Chen Ze was convinced as the truth. As a street writer, Chen Ze got a golden keyboard… Chen Ze: “As the saying goes, one profession has its own number one scholar, but I’m sorry, every profession also has its own collectively number one scholar!” However, as a net taxi driver, he first has to experience a 30-minute vehicle god possession!


TitleFull-time Lottery System
Raw Title全职抽奖系统
Addition DateOctober 25, 2022
AuthorXiao Cheng Ju Min
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TagsHarem-seeking Protagonist,Jack of All Trades,Lottery,Male Protagonist,Modern Day,Nationalism,Poor Protagonist,Poor to Rich,System