The Strongest Life Reborn


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2259 Chapters · 2 Readers
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Author:Jun Xiu Cai

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When Yin Jun came out of the fog after a running exercise, he had returned to Xiangjiang in 78 years. This year, there are no variety shows that dominate the screen, no familiar special effects blockbusters, and no familiar songs. This year, there were no good dramas in the Xiangjiang TV series, nor did Xiangjiang movies spread all over Asia, and Xiangjiang songs did not prevail in the mainland. This year, classics have not become feelings, and prosperity has not faded. This year, the hero hasn’t been late, and his face has never been white. Youth is no longer, feelings remain. With this article, I would like to recall this era we once deeply loved. With this article, I commemorate those lush years that we once had.


TitleThe Strongest Life Reborn
Raw Title重生之最强人生
Addition DateOctober 26, 2022
AuthorJun Xiu Cai
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