The Other Shore of the Immortal Firmament仙穹彼岸

1066 Chapters
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1066 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Guan Qi

Novel Summary

Under the vast immortal sky, the brilliance of an era is nothing but fireworks blooming at the fingertips. Overlooking the earth, for thousands of years, life and death, where are they all? The Immortal Gate, the Dynasty, and the Supreme Holy Land are all just a handful of loess under the Immortal Vault. A thousand years of splendor, and a smash into ashes. Cinders sprout in the depths of the ruins, and you and I strive to be the trees that reach the sky. What the hell is on the other side of the Immortal Firmament?


TitleThe Other Shore of the Immortal Firmament
Raw Title仙穹彼岸
Addition DateOctober 27, 2022
AuthorGuan Qi
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TagsAbsent Parents,Buddhism,Clever Protagonist,Clones,Cultivation,Dao Companion,Dao Comprehension,Daoism,Demons,Enemies Become Allies,Enemies Become Lovers,Fast Learner,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Kingdom Building,Magic Formations,Male Protagonist,Possession,Resurrection,Transmigration,Weak to Strong