Your Talent Isn’t Bad, It Will Be Mine Soon你的天赋不错,下一秒是我的了

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383 Chapters · 11 Readers
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Author:Liu Chong Xiao

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“DiDi! Detect that Queshi Tianjiao has entered the download range, and you can download its unrivaled talent: Chaos Dao Body, do you want to download it?” “DiDi! Detecting peerless powerhouses entering the download range, you can download their god-level exercises: “Original Holy Law”, do you want to download?” “DiDi! The download progress is 99%… 100%! The Chaos Dao Body and the “Original Holy Law” are downloaded successfully! Are they integrated?” Traveling to the world of fantasy novels, Lu Lin is bound to the god-level download system, and his strength can be improved without limit! No matter how talented you are, I can download it!


TitleYour Talent Isn’t Bad, It Will Be Mine Soon
Raw Title你的天赋不错,下一秒是我的了
Addition DateOctober 28, 2022
AuthorLiu Chong Xiao
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TagsAbility Steal,Bloodlines,Cheats,Cultivation,Cunning Protagonist,Fast Cultivation,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Magic Formations,Male Protagonist,Schemes And Conspiracies,System,Transmigration