Rebirth of the Little Lucky Star in 80s


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900 Chapters · 28 Readers
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(Age + group pet + sweet text, 1v1) Introduction: As a little lucky star who loves flowers and flowers in the heavens, she made a mistake and was demoted to the world. She became a newborn baby. Only by saving the poorest and hapless family in the village can she return to the heavens! This house is nothing, how miserable it is. The family members are so poor that they are dinged and clinked. The grandfather is paralyzed, the grandmother is blind, the father is killed, the mother is seriously ill, and the four older brothers have been blackened… and uncles, aunts, three aunts and six women. God was a demon, so miserable that the children next door were crying! The only advantage may be that the family dotes on their daughter and is so embarrassing! It’s not enough for the whole family to pet the whole village together! Fu Bao: Innate physique for pets, there is no way ╮(╯▽╰)╭ A certain devil: Let go of that girl and let me spoil it!


  • Rebirth of the Little Lucky Star in 80s
  • 重生八零小福星
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