Mr Qi, You Are Blocked


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1574 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Author:Wen Qian Ye

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“I like money, food, and handsome ratio.” The next day, a young man knocked on her door. “Hundreds of millions of fortunes, advanced cooking skills, perfect beauty, one pack of three, you earn it.” Bai Chuxiao’s scum index exploded, because there was a chef who was very good at cooking next door, so she ate and drank every day, and finally got herself in. Bai Chuxiao: “You have been single for so long, didn’t you say that you don’t like women?” Qi Moye: “Because I am waiting for you to appear.” (Sweet pet, Shuangwen, clean mind and body 1V1, strong male and strong female, two big brothers work together to abuse scum) Recommendation closing article: “Identified by Chief Lu”


TitleMr Qi, You Are Blocked
Raw Title祁先生你被拉黑了
Addition DateNovember 6, 2022
AuthorWen Qian Ye
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TagsBeautiful Female Lead,Businessmen,Doting Love Interests,Female Protagonist,Hackers,Handsome Male Lead,Hidden Abilities,Showbiz,Strong Love Interests