Starting With Contract Pets


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411 Chapters · 14 Readers
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Su Bai woke up and found that the world had changed dramatically. He actually came to a world of pets. After accepting the setting, Su Bai aspires to become a powerful pet master. One day, Su Bai’s pet released a primary skill spark, the flames fluttered, and the sky turned into ashes… An elementary skill of the water system splashed and jumped, and the endless sea fell from the sky, flooding thousands of miles of mountains and rivers… One blow tore the claws, endless sharp bursts, one world after another torn apart… Passerby: (?Д?≡?д?)!? This is a world of pets and monsters. Every teenager who has reached the age of sixteen will give birth to a soul stone from the Niwan Palace. You can get an elf egg of your own by blending the soul stone into stones, branches, water and other things. By hatching the elves, you can get your own initial elves’ own contract book, and then you can embark on the road of contracting and cultivating various elves and monsters. And Su Bai seems to be a bit different when he accidentally walked along this road… [Tags]: original elves, pet animals, elves, cultivation, cultivation, evolution, daily ease, adventure


  • Starting With Contract Pets
  • 从契约宠物开始
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