The Caveman Made Me Awesome


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961 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Zhu Ci Wu Feng

Novel Summary

Rebirth into the primitive society, is it unexpected or surprised? Ye Xi was born again, but in his heart there were ten thousand grass and mud horses galloping. Giant insects of the Carboniferous, dinosaurs of the Jurassic, and fierce beasts of the Paleogene, which primitive age is this time and space? Are humans so weak? What about rebirth benefits? No way, Ye Xi could only bring primitive people and sound the clarion call for the rise of the primitive world! Primitive: Ooooooooo amazing, my brother!


TitleThe Caveman Made Me Awesome
Raw Title厉害了我的原始人
Addition DateNovember 8, 2022
AuthorZhu Ci Wu Feng
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TagsAdventurers,Arms Dealers,Beast Companions,Beasts,Beautiful Female Lead,Calm Protagonist,Clan Building,Cultivation,Kingdom Building,Late Romance,Modern Knowledge,Power Couple,Slow Romance,Survival,Transmigration,Tribal Society,Weak to Strong