Crazy Farm


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443 Chapters · 23 Readers
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“Lingdao increases vitality, vigorously strengthens beans, benefits the brain and develops the brain, and the beauty melon makes you look good!” “The flat peaches will be mature in two hundred years? Use energy to ripen it. Hou Tian Primary School students will have to bring a few to try it out for everyone.” “The Martian environment has been successfully transformed? Then, the first batch of dragon fruit will be planted. What dragon fruit? Of course it is the kind of magical fruit tree that can be turned into a dragon!” “The mutant dogtail grass grows well, five kilometers in diameter and eight hundred meters in diameter, so that the mutant blade army can be renovated to live. A dogtail grass and a small town can solve the housing problem of the earth as soon as possible.” … Since he got the “crazy farm”, Wang Leshan’s life has changed dramatically. Planting immortal grass and raising the beast! This is a crazy story!


  • Crazy Farm
  • 疯狂农场主
Addition DateNovember 10, 2022
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