Super Island Tycoon超级海岛大亨

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1567 Chapters · 27 Readers
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Author:Niao Shi Lang

Novel Summary

Start an island! Jiang Cheng, who loves island management games, travels through the parallel island world with “Island Tycoon APP”. There are resource islands rich in minerals, livable islands rich in water resources, treasure islands carrying ancient civilizations, adventure islands inhabiting prehistoric creatures, and exile islands that harbor international fugitives… Jiang Cheng feels that the opportunity is here! He built shipyards, made battleships, and built a fleet of invincible universes! He recruits talents, develops technology, and builds the world’s first floating island city on the sea! He leads the fleet, explores unknown seas, excavates relics and treasures, and grabs endless wealth from all over the world! Holding the ideal of building the first island nation in the universe, Jiang Cheng drove the galaxy warship to conquer the world and began his awesome life!


TitleSuper Island Tycoon
Raw Title超级海岛大亨
Addition DateNovember 14, 2022
AuthorNiao Shi Lang
Weekly Rank#1580
Monthly Rank#1589
All Time Rank#1437
TagsDiscrimination,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Kingdom Building,Level System,Male Protagonist,Modern Day,Nationalism,System,Technological Gap