Omnipotent Data


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515 Chapters · 6 Readers
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Author:Hong Chen Xiao Yao

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Upon waking up, Cheng Nuo realized that the world in his eyes had completely changed. In his eyes, anything can be transformed into a set of data. The beauty in Cheng Nuo’s eyes: height 168 cm, weight 57 kg, bust 85 cm, waist 63 cm, hips 89 cm The billiard ball in Cheng Nuo’s eyes: the billiard ball has a diameter of 57.15 mm, a weight of 170 grams, and a rod length of 145 cm. The force required to put the third ball into the bag is 2.14 N and the angle is 68.54 degrees In Cheng Nuo’s eyes… You can call Cheng Nuo Xueba! Data Emperor! Fast calculation expert! Possess skills: 100% shooting, 100% shooting, 100% clearing with one shot… Cheng Nuo’s life motto is: In this world, there are no problems that cannot be solved by mathematics. If so, add physics and chemistry!


TitleOmnipotent Data
Raw Title万能数据
Addition DateNovember 14, 2022
AuthorHong Chen Xiao Yao
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TagsEarly Romance,Genius Protagonist,Male Protagonist