This Doctor is Great这个医生太厉害

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235 Chapters · 7 Readers
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Author:Hong Se Ting Zhen Qi

Novel Summary

Zhou Mo, with a third-class master’s degree, entered the provincial top three hospitals for training. It turned out that every one of the Gu Piansheng students here are masters of theology. And you are the worst! Fortunately, Zhou Mo has a golden finger “opening the book is beneficial” system, as long as you read it, you will gain something! Looking at Zhou Mo, it was like relying on his own efforts to counterattack all the way and become a shining doctor. “I volunteer to devote myself to medicine!” “I am determined to do my best to eradicate human diseases, improve health, and maintain the holiness and honor of medical skills!!” (This is a doctor’s journey of struggle, blood, healing and saving lives!)


TitleThis Doctor is Great
Raw Title这个医生太厉害
Addition DateApril 14, 2022
AuthorHong Se Ting Zhen Qi
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TagsDoctors,Male Protagonist