I Help A NPC Become The Legendary Witch我将炮灰NPC养成传奇魔女

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421 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Author:Bai Se Bao Ji

Novel Summary

When he woke up, Liao Zixuan found himself in the game world of “Falling God”. Just when he was about to not lose face to the army of transmigrators and was determined to become a legendary boss… On the opposite side, the country girl who was frightened to the ground touched the little wolf’s head tremblingly with her thin and dirty hands. Fine! Not to mention not being able to reincarnate as a human being, he was also confused as a summoned beast of others. But this setback can’t stop Liao Zixuan, who was called “God-level accompaniment” in his previous life. So many years later… In the game, there is a Queen of Eternal Night, the terrifying witch who destroys the world, the holy witch of the elemental religion, and the commander of the Fallen Abyss Fortress, which has become a mysterious existence that makes all major forces and countries tremble with fear. Outside the game, there is another super-popular goddess who is regarded as a legendary character by countless players, and runs through the main line of each version of the plot, making countless dead houses sleepless at night and fanatical adore… And behind all of this, Liao Zixuan put away his hoe with satisfaction. Did you see it, from the silly little village girl, to this super Chinese cabbage…I raised it!


TitleI Help A NPC Become The Legendary Witch
Raw Title我将炮灰NPC养成传奇魔女
AuthorBai Se Bao Ji
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TagsGame Elements,Reincarnated as a Monster,Reincarnated in a Game World,Witches,Male Protagonist