Perfect Feast


692 Chapters
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692 Chapters · 15 Readers
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Author:Shen Hai You Long

Novel Summary

Liu Yang, a grassroot cadre of Chinese bureaucracy, by sheer coincidence entered the bed of a beautiful boss and thus starts the colorful stellar journey of our hero. He accompanies charming police women, exquisite nurses, graceful flight hostess, ripe female colleagues, mature female bosses, ingenious female managers and singer sisters to karaoke house under the shocked eyes of people. This story is full of handsome men, witty women, beautiful emotions, thrilling official situations and logical offense. To find out how Liu Yang has made this perfect feast possible, let’s go on this journey together.


TitlePerfect Feast
Raw Title完美盛宴
Addition DateNovember 19, 2022
AuthorShen Hai You Long
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TagsAdultery,Arranged Marriage,Beautiful Female Lead,Boss-Subordinate Relationship,Charming Protagonist,Clever Protagonist,Dishonest Protagonist,Family Conflict,Forced into a Relationship,Hard-Working Protagonist,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Leadership,Long-distance Relationship,Male Protagonist,Military,Modern Day,Older Love Interests,Philosophical,Police,Politics,Possessive Characters,Power Struggle,R-18,Rape,Schemes And Conspiracies,Secret Relationship,Seduction,Sentimental Protagonist,Threesome,Younger Love Interests