The Abyss Summoner of the Last Days末世之深渊召唤师

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1605 Chapters · 14 Readers
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Author:Liang Xin Wei Nuan

Novel Summary

Abyss. This is the name of this land. An infinite abyss. This is an endless, suffocating place of terror. This is a place where the environment is extremely harsh and life is extremely dangerous. This is a place where there is no moral ethics and non-stop killing. This is an evil place where there is no friendship, family, love, only betrayal, killing, and destruction. Abyss. The demon homeland dedicated to death and destruction is also the greatest guarantee for Chen Feng’s survival in this last day. In the last days, Chen Feng’s ability is to communicate with the abyss. With his strength or some special sacrifices, he can summon demons from the abyss for his own use. he is…… Abyss Summoner.


TitleThe Abyss Summoner of the Last Days
Raw Title末世之深渊召唤师
Addition DateNovember 21, 2022
AuthorLiang Xin Wei Nuan
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All Time Rank#464
TagsAbsent Parents,Aliens,Anti-Magic,Apocalypse,Army Building,Cold Protagonist,Cosmic Wars,Cruel Characters,Demons,Depictions of Cruelty,Evil Gods,Evil Protagonist,Evil Religions,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Hidden Abilities,Magic Beasts,Monsters,Mythical Beasts,Post-apocalyptic,Protagonist Strong from the Start,Second Chance,Rape,Ruthless Protagonist,Servants,Summoning Magic,Survival,Transformation Ability,Zombies,Male Protagonist