Great Entrepreneur Reborn


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1122 Chapters · 7 Readers
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Author:Wo Sha Po Lang

Novel Summary

After rebirth, Liu Jian exposed his hidden nature and squandered his youth recklessly. “I will invest in any company I like, and I will get my hands on any woman I like.” He is not a gentleman, and in order to achieve his goal, he will resort to tricks and schemes, and he will get revenge. Like a nouveau riche, wearing a big gold necklace, driving a sports car, and vigorously chasing women. When he grew into a towering tree, he realized that he had unknowingly changed the world, and the woman under him already had a strengthened platoon! 113512389 reward subscription group! What to do? Lao Tzu’s goal of beheading thousands of people has not yet been achieved, and it seems that he will continue to work hard. A certain man who crossed the notebook murmured. This book is on the shelves, and I hope that wolf friends will continue to support it! The pure cool text is waiting for you to watch, don’t wait until it disappears to regret it! ! ! Wolf friends group: 254750819! ! !


TitleGreat Entrepreneur Reborn
Raw Title重生之大企业家
Addition DateNovember 28, 2022
AuthorWo Sha Po Lang
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TagsBusiness Management,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Male Protagonist