The Villain Only Wants To Live a Buddhist Life


1250 Chapters
45 Readers
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1250 Chapters · 45 Readers
5.0(2 reviews)
Author:Ren Zhi Xia

Novel Summary

The villainous young master Dark Demon finally recalled the memories of his previous life at the sorting ceremony of the Dueling Academy. He was reborn in a very strange Galgame world. And he was the ultimate villain in the game, the Demon God of Seven Original Sins! Superbia、Invidia、Ira、Accidia、Avaritia、Gula、Luxuria! Once any one of these seven indicators broke through the critical value, he would irreversibly transform into the Demon God! In the era of Saint Marian, where the demons had been completely destroyed and the demon king had fallen into eternal sleep, no heresy was allowed to survive!


TitleThe Villain Only Wants To Live a Buddhist Life
Raw Title反派少爷只想过佛系生活
Addition DateMay 6, 2022
AuthorRen Zhi Xia
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Monthly Rank#587
All Time Rank#138
TagsAristocracy,Battle Academy,Beast Companions,Bloodlines,Calm Protagonist,Card Games,Child Protagonist,Cunning Protagonist,Demon Lord,Demons,Elves,Familiars,Galge,Handsome Male Lead,Loli,Magic,Male Protagonist,Multiple POV,Nobles,Parody,Pets,Reincarnated in a Game World,Seven Deadly Sins,Seven Virtues,Summoning Magic,System,Transmigration,Transported into a Game World