The Red Alert Begins in the Wasteland红警之从废土开始

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1987 Chapters · 7 Readers
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Author:Hua Li De Xu Wei

Novel Summary

A red police base vehicle that can travel between modern and future wasteland worlds, an ambitious base commander. Developed in the wasteland world, and rose in real-world Iraq. Confronting the modern order with the resources of the future wasteland world, and this is just the beginning. In someone’s words: “Time drives the wheel of history, and I am the one who sets all standards for the future.” Gorgeous words: “This time the base is very strong, very powerful…” This book is the third future part of the gorgeous Red Alert trilogy. The first two parts of “Red Alert: The Republic of China”, the past part, “Red Alert: Somalia”, are now finished. Welcome to try it out.


TitleThe Red Alert Begins in the Wasteland
Raw Title红警之从废土开始
Addition DateDecember 1, 2022
AuthorHua Li De Xu Wei
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TagsActing,Adapted to Game,Army,Army Building,Business Management,Firearms,Industrialization,Interdimensional Travel,Male Protagonist,Military,Modern Day,Modern Knowledge,Mutated Creatures,Outer Space,Politics,Post-apocalyptic,Schemes And Conspiracies,Sex Slaves,System,Technological Gap,World Hopping,World Travel