I’ve Got Trillion Myth Genes我有亿万神话基因

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468 Chapters · 9 Readers
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Author:Liu Jia Jiu Shao

Novel Summary

Qin Hao, the world-renowned Chinese online game designer, was bizarrely reincarnated into an unfamiliar and vast world of practice and became the nine princes of Qin who were demoted to the frontier. At a certain moment, Qin Hao suddenly discovered that he had hundreds of millions of mythological genes brought from the earth in his body! “Get enough energy to activate the ancient god Houyi gene!” A vast figure that pierced the sky and stood up from the end of the earth, and suddenly pulled away the great archaic bow in his hand. The divine light condensed into an arrow, tearing the void like lightning, shattering the sky. That day, the world was shocked!


TitleI’ve Got Trillion Myth Genes
Raw Title我有亿万神话基因
Addition DateDecember 1, 2022
AuthorLiu Jia Jiu Shao
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All Time Rank#1990
TagsCultivation,Game Elements,Genetic Modifications,Transmigration,System Administrator