I Work As a Crew Member on the Rocks Pirates


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389 Chapters · 11 Readers
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Traveling through the world of pirates, came to the period of Rocks pirates. By virtue of his swordsmanship, Bai Yu became a small cadre on the Rocks Pirate ship. I planned to spend my life in peace, but I didn’t expect to join a group chat suddenly, and I wasn’t the group leader yet. In order to compensate him, Goldfinger gave several options. First, the wine glass facing Locks slumped, rewarding the talent to the full level. Second, provoke the golden lion and reward a peerless beauty. Third, kill Kaido and reward the strength of the Pirate’s combat power ceiling. Fourth, kiss Charlotte Lingling forcibly to reward the immortal buff. The glory of Bai Yu began from then on. On this long road, he is the sword bearer of the old age and the gravekeeper of the new age. Everything will start and end by him! Who can surpass the endless journey? …


  • I Work As a Crew Member on the Rocks Pirates
  • 我在洛克斯海贼团上当船员
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