Elf’s Shorts Boy


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1812 Chapters · 3 Readers
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Author:Xiang La Dou Ban Jiang

Novel Summary

Suddenly a small Lada rushed out of the moss-covered hollow tree stump. A little Lada with purple and soft fur, shaking his whiskers, revealing sharp fangs and squeaking provocatively at his beloved. Little Lada took a posture, his crawling small body looked like a beast ready to rush, and the beautiful waist and hip muscle curves under the soft and shiny fur showed the beauty of wildness. “Bobo, ready to fight!” ———— “Bang~” “Ding Ding~” Defeating the little Lada who was in the way, just as he was about to move on, a misty air mass rising from Lada’s body, and two translucent luminous coins splashed out, made the beloved look stunned. “what is this?” Ding, experience +13 Ding, picked up the power attribute +1 Ding, picked up the stamina attribute +1 “Pick up attributes? Unexpectedly, I still have gold fingers!”


TitleElf’s Shorts Boy
Raw Title精灵之短裤小子
Addition DateDecember 4, 2022
AuthorXiang La Dou Ban Jiang
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All Time Rank#1354
TagsAbility Steal,Game Elements,Late Romance,Male Protagonist,Pokemon