The Age of Giant Ships and Cannons


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372 Chapters · 14 Readers
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Author:Yi Xi Cheng Dao

Novel Summary

In the age of giant ships and cannons, in the digital interstellar era, there is no martial arts, no mechs, pure interstellar warfare, and giant ships and cannons fighting against each other. There are digital warships, frigates, destroyers, cruisers, battleships, dreadnought flagships, Titan super flags, and even mobile fortresses and mobile battle stars. The passionate interstellar battle, the battle of civilizations, and the battle of thousands of titans super flag. Countless alien civilizations compete for living space, and the result of the failure of the cruel civilization war is the end of civilization, and the survival of hundreds of millions of species is in your mind. The flesh and blood are weak, and the machinery soars. Design evolution, gene soaring. The heart is better than things, and the spirit can soar. Spiritual disasters, insect disasters, high-dimensional demons, and the agreement to revive. Key words: leading the mainstream, data flow, interstellar war, farming, the fourth natural disaster, planetary warship, star fortress, four-dimensional fortress, negative star, etc. Starting point is the only data-based interstellar war novel, there is no similar genre, don’t miss it when you pass by. The author also has Wanding’s old book [Global Age of Gods] to enter by clicking on the author’s name.


TitleThe Age of Giant Ships and Cannons
Raw Title巨舰大炮时代
Addition DateDecember 7, 2022
AuthorYi Xi Cheng Dao
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TagsFuturistic Setting,Male Protagonist