Urban Supreme Dad


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552 Chapters · 7 Readers
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He is the strongest master of the age of mythology! But there is a daughter on earth, and the wife of the beautiful president is still a reborn immortal! “I am a soldier into the city, Ren Xiaoyao you a waste!” Some soldier king disdain. Ren Xiaoyao put his hand, and the soldier king went to hell. “I have the strongest coercion system in the universe, Ren Xiaoyao you trash, you stinky silk!” The host of a certain system is arrogant. Ren Xiaoyao punches and the system explodes! “I am the reincarnated Nine Heavens Emperor! Ren Xiaoyao, you die for me!” A reincarnation immortal scolded. Ren Xiaoyao pointed, the reincarnation emperor directly exploded! … “Baba, I want to watch the meteor!” The sweetest little girl in a world said sweetly. Ren Xiaoyao: “Okay, baby girl, Baba, this will smash a few stars for you, and a meteor shower!” “Ren Xiaoyao, give me a kneeling rubbing board!” The president of a certain beautiful woman scolded at Ren Xiaoyao. Ren Xiaoyao: “Come on, take my little leather whip and let me know what is called Fu Gang!”


  • Urban Supreme Dad
  • 都市至尊奶爸
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