High Above


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1140 Chapters · 28 Readers
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“I don’t care about how people in this world live, whether they have enough to eat, whether they can wear warm clothes, whether they have dreams and hope. I don’t care about their likes and dislikes.” “It’s just that if you want to go to the sky, you need a complete advanced industrial system, a set of related research institutes, the most advanced materials science laboratory, and a big government that can coordinate all departments. It needs countless people who don’t have to worry about food and clothing. Dedicating wealth for this requires millions of high-level intellectuals to contribute their minds, and tens of thousands of different supporting manufacturers supply the best parts.” “In short, it takes a world of abundance, and a great civilization to accomplish it.” — Ian A world reborn from its ashes. An era that is coming to an end. A group of prisoners fighting for power and power in the land. A young man staring at the sky. Prisoners peered out of the window of fate, mostly gazing at the dirt. Only one is looking up at the stars.


  • High Above
  • 高天之上
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