I, Dimension Breaker, Join the Chat Group


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779 Chapters · 17 Readers
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Traveling to the daily two-dimensional world, Bai Ye awakens the behind-the-scenes system of Myriad Worlds, as long as you change the plot of other worlds, you can become stronger As a result, there was internal strife in the Huxiao organization, White Beard was arrested on the top of the war, the Tianlong people’s navy broke up, Shiranui Mai was arrested in the small park, and a series of weird things happened. Until one day, Bai Ye, who had destroyed countless dimensions, was invited by the victim’s chat skirt. Looking at the people inside, he fell into deep thought. Uchiha Madara: Skirt friends, my leg was broken by someone, so I can’t dance anymore! White Beard: Don’t tell me, the taste of prison food is really amazing! Aizen: I thought I was a lyb, but I didn’t expect there to be a lyb. The hostess, you are going to give me a cut version of the plot, right? Sesshomaru: He came up and said he was my father, can I bear that? The seven wolves didn’t hurt me at all! Skirt owner Qiu Zixi: No, the plot is not like this!


  • I, Dimension Breaker, Join the Chat Group
  • 我,次元破坏者,加入聊天群(全本)
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