Farming and Reclaiming Wasteland, I Pampered Hou Ye In Ancient Times种田开荒,我在古代娇养侯爷

915 Chapters
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915 Chapters · 28 Readers
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Author:Ai Chuan Sha Liu

Novel Summary

When she woke up, someone called her a fool in her ear, and Jiang Xinyan angered in her heart: Your whole family is a fool. Then she found out sadly that she dressed as a fool to marry, and married a disfigured and lame-legged Lord Hou. Facing the tragic changes in the Hou’s residence, the severely injured Jiang Xinyan and the newlywed lame father-in-law were forced to exile. The Houfu family is old, young, not too young, not too young, just right, but disabled! Jiang Xinyan punched the wretched third uncle, kicked the third uncle’s son, and finally walked through the thrilling road of exile, and only when she arrived at the destination did she realize that it was a wild land. There is not even a broken house that does not cover the rain. It is impossible to freeze to death. Jiang Xinyan relies on her superb medical skills and the jade pendant given by her cheap mother-in-law. Turn the disfigured + disabled Xianggong into a beautiful Xianggong, and turn the wild land into a paradise.


TitleFarming and Reclaiming Wasteland, I Pampered Hou Ye In Ancient Times
Raw Title种田开荒,我在古代娇养侯爷
Addition DateMay 12, 2022
AuthorAi Chuan Sha Liu
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TagsCultivation,Female Protagonist,Magical Space,Medical Knowledge,Transmigration