Reborn Just To Be a Big Shot Family Freeloader重生后我成了拼爹界杠把子

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816 Chapters · 9 Readers
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Author:Guo Pa Fei

Novel Summary

Yan Qixun died in a laboratory accident at the age of thirty-eight, and was reborn as a small peasant girl in an ancient farming family. , Coincidentally, her whole family has recovered their past life memories. And then she discovered that all her dear family members were bigwigs. The father is Zulong, the mother is the master, the elder brother is the first emperor, the elder sister is a peerless doctor, the younger sister is Lianglang Xianpa, and the second elder brother is directly a fairy. Yan Qixun felt that he often seemed out of tune with his dear family because he was not good enough. But it doesn’t matter, it’s up to you to slap the face and upgrade, and it’s up to me for farming infrastructure. Xue Shen said that the days of fighting father lie down and win are very good.


TitleReborn Just To Be a Big Shot Family Freeloader
Raw Title重生后我成了拼爹界杠把子
AuthorGuo Pa Fei
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TagsAncient Times,Comedic Undertone,Familial Love,Cultivation,Doctors,Easy Going Life,Family,Fantasy World,Genius Protagonist,Immortals,Jack of All Trades,Magical Space,Multiple POV,Multiple Reincarnated Individuals,Mysterious Family Background,Poor to Rich,Previous Life Talent,Female Protagonist