Lord of the people: My territory can evolve infinitely全民领主:我的领地能无限进化

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1706 Chapters · 89 Readers
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Author:Sheng Yu

Novel Summary

This is a world dominated by all the people. As long as the chance is enough, immortality is not a legend. Zhou Yan accidentally traveled to this magical world, and awakened the golden finger, and was able to infinitely evolve his territory. Ordinary [Barracks] evolves into [Bronze Sparrow Terrace], and summons the RRR-quality Diaochan who knows swordsmanship at the beginning! Ordinary [Lord Crystal] evolves into [King Crystal], the defense power is increased by ten times, and monsters cannot be beaten! Ordinary [altar] evolves into [mysterious shop], and various treasures are refreshed regularly, and there is a 10% discount card at the beginning of the game. Equipment, buildings and so on are all not a problem. Ordinary [Thatched Cottage] evolves into [Reiki Bamboo House], and becoming a fairy is not a dream. "You are just the lowest-level white lord, why are there such terrible heroes!" "This is really just a low-level lord, why is the defense of this territory so terrible." "My dragon was slaughtered before it even reached the city gate, hemp egg...don't eat it!!" "Wuuuuuuu, my territory was actually destroyed by a beautiful girl. She said her name was Diao Chan." Zhou Yan: "Although I am only the lowest-level white lord, I still beat the whole world.


TitleLord of the people: My territory can evolve infinitely
Raw Title全民领主:我的领地能无限进化
Addition DateDecember 15, 2022
AuthorSheng Yu
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TagsArmy Building,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Inheritance,Male Protagonist,Management