Landing in the Fantastic World提前登陆:玄奇世界

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958 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Yuan Xing De Mo Ke

Novel Summary

Mu Yu, who had just started university, unintentionally downloaded a mysterious hand tour and was brought to a strange and bizarre world, becoming the first player of the ‘Mystical World’. By chance, Mu Yu joined an ancient sect that had declined for a thousand years. He successfully repaired the sect’s supreme technique, the Secret Manual of Space and Time, and became its spacetime descendant. After three months, players officially logged into the Mystical World game. Mu Yu was already the pride of South Sky. Two years later, when the players had grown up, Mu Yu had already become the most dazzling Saint under the starry sky. …. At the foot of the Misty Cloud Mountain, a young girl in a white dress nestled in Mu Yu’s embrace as she cried, “I, Nalan Yanran, would rather die than marry that young master of the Xiao family. I only wish to marry you in this life.” “Ding!” You have successfully triggered a 3-star mission! to help Nalan Yanran go to the Xiao family to end the engagement! ” “Wait a minute, this script isn’t right. Can’t we just not do it?” Mu Yu felt like crying. “Either way! Either die! ” The System pulled out a 10m long broadsword. “Stop, can’t I do it…” Mu Yu submitted.


TitleLanding in the Fantastic World
Raw Title提前登陆:玄奇世界
Addition DateDecember 16, 2022
AuthorYuan Xing De Mo Ke
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TagsCultivation,Fanfiction,Game Elements,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Male Protagonist,Overpowered Protagonist,Underestimated Protagonist