Unlimited Upgrade System From Ant to Abyss Master无限升级系统从蚂蚁到深渊主宰

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1330 Chapters · 9 Readers
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Author:Hei Ju Hao

Novel Summary

I am a little ant, and the gods have entered the earth again, the beauty is chasing me, the god king is the younger brother! Because of an accidental explosion, Zhou Hao regenerated a small ant at the bottom of the food chain. Are you willing to be teased by fate? Do not! I want to go to the top of the food chain and become the master of the abyss! Do you think that you are the emperor’s mount, so you’re so awesome? Sorry, I’ll fight with your master! Do you think you have a good talent and you are awesome? Sorry, your talent belongs to me! “Ding! It is detected that the host has hunted a North Sea Dragon, experience points +999, evolution points +999!” “Ding! Congratulations to the host for acquiring a new talent: Pretending to be invincible!”


TitleUnlimited Upgrade System From Ant to Abyss Master
Raw Title无限升级系统从蚂蚁到深渊主宰
Addition DateDecember 17, 2022
AuthorHei Ju Hao
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TagsClever Protagonist,Evolution,Level System,Naive Protagonist,Non-humanoid Protagonist,Perverted Protagonist,Reincarnated as a Monster,Sex Slaves,Game Ranking System,Transmigration