Proficiency: Cultivated 10 Million Times熟练度:千万次修炼

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451 Chapters · 19 Readers
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Author:Wen Zi Pang

Novel Summary

Outside the planet, there is a dead and boundless darkness. Unknown planets are connected, woven into shelters of life, and countless cosmic races explore, develop, multiply, and fight against the empty darkness. The little nameless clan can gain power for hundreds of years, and the powerful clan of billions of years can disappear in an instant. Cultivation and inheritance, Tianjiao contends for glory, and heroes rise. The human race started strong and went to the end. No. 5 Broken Star, 732 Island Town, Wang Yu started his cultivation. A few years later, the human race has bloomed in every corner of the world. Countless human race arrogance looked up at the only human race god emperor. “God Emperor Wang Yu, how can I cultivate to follow in your footsteps?” The god emperor looked back and was slightly surprised. “Cultivation is not just repetition over and over again. It will become natural after you have fully practiced. All of you are more talented and savvy than me. I believe I don’t need to say more about it.” The arrogance of the human race looked at the figure of the god emperor floating away, and remained silent. “Proficient, what is that…”


TitleProficiency: Cultivated 10 Million Times
Raw Title熟练度:千万次修炼
Addition DateDecember 18, 2022
AuthorWen Zi Pang
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