Sixteen Years Old, The Fourth Generation of Mizukage


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334 Chapters · 27 Readers
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The third ninja world war came to an end, and the major ninja villages have entered the era of old and new. Facing the situation where three generations of Mizukage took the blame and resigned, Sanwei fell asleep following the death of Renzhuli, the domestic undercurrent was raging, and the outside world was surrounded by wolves, the choice Wuyin Village made was—— "Let me be the fourth generation of Mizukage, who agrees and who opposes?" Sixteen-year-old Kaguya Lian looked at the new cornerstone talent [Omnipotent Stone] that he had just acquired, and at the [Dark Harvest] whose stacked layers had just broken through four digits, and asked calmly. At the end of World War Three, Kirigakure started the game with the blood of the Kaguya clan. (Keywords: Hokage, Doujin, pseudo-invincible, not brainless, not abusing the master)


  • Sixteen Years Old, The Fourth Generation of Mizukage
  • 十六岁,是四代目水影
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