Pirate System


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550 Chapters · 7 Readers
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Author:Zheng Qi Dan

Novel Summary

Sailing far and wide in the turbulent waves, Drinking and laughing amid the fire, It's a pirate's hymn! After Tangke found himself in another world, he had a pirate system in his mind. He could use the system to recruit elf sailors, buy ghost ships, install magic cannons, and even form tuna death squads. This is the age of great sailing in another world. The sailboats invented by dwarves have become tools for conquering the sea. The hot weapons invented by goblins have changed the way of war. Inserted all over the world, the sparse sea elves became slaves... The arrival of Tangke has added a rich and colorful stroke to the history book of the other world. Those who conquer the earth are kings, and those who conquer the sea are heroes!


TitlePirate System
Raw Title海盗系统
Addition DateMay 19, 2022
AuthorZheng Qi Dan
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