I Have Skill Points as Long as I Exercise


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1166 Chapters · 42 Readers
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Mu Bai traveled to the normal world of the earth, only knowing that this world has entered the interstellar age. Although he has only ordinary talents for cultivation, his life is pretty good. There is also a talented person who is cold and brave and unbeatable at home. A childhood sweetheart who knows nothing. Huh? and many more? Family? Childhood sweetheart? So…Cohabitation? When he was dreaming about the next good life, his childhood sweetheart could do whatever he wanted if you were better than me, making him desperate instantly. But then there is a space to digitize his body, and even add some. Physical attributes and martial arts are all right? Will give skill points every day? It seems that if you do whatever you want, you can look forward to it?


  • I Have Skill Points as Long as I Exercise
  • 我只要运动就有技能点
Addition DateDecember 31, 2022
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