Divine-grade Evolution: God! My Gold Fish Is A Dragon!神级进化:夭寿!我的金鱼是条龙

294 Chapters
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294 Chapters · 7 Readers
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Author:Qian Meng Qian Qiu

Novel Summary

My name is Ye Haoran, and I am a student. I thought I would become a street slut after graduation, but unexpectedly awakened the super evolutionary system! Others need to practice hard, but I just need to lie down and do things to become stronger? Outrageous options struck one after another, and Ye Haoran couldn’t control his excited heart and trembling hands. [Option 1: Go to school? What school do you want to go directly to hunting god-level beasts! Reward: Urn] [Option 2: Just find a reason to save the world and leave the classroom! Reward: The evolution chance of the contracted spirit increases by 1] [Option 3: Go directly to date the goddess! Reward: Goddess’ favorability for you increases by 50%] To die of laughter, Ye Haoran is such an excellent student who respects his teachers, so he is naturally—— Leave the classroom! Strength is the first! Straight man? What it is? Woman, it affects my speed of drawing the knife!


TitleDivine-grade Evolution: God! My Gold Fish Is A Dragon!
Raw Title神级进化:夭寿!我的金鱼是条龙
Addition DateJanuary 1, 2023
AuthorQian Meng Qian Qiu
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TagsAlchemy,Beast Companions,Dragons,Game Ranking System,Magic Beasts,Male Protagonist,Weak to Strong